Portrait Session — Edward O'Leary

men in this town, Portrait Session podcast in partnership with Emporio Armani

Welcome to season six of Portrait Session, in partnership with Emporio Armani. This season, I’m doing things a little bit differently. Instead of shooting men in this town in my studio, I’ll be capturing them in their natural habitat — living la dolce vita, and finding out what living the sweet life actually means to them in this day and age.


In this episode, I’m chatting with Sydney based actor and creator, Edward O’Leary. Having recently studied acting at the International Screen Academy, Edward has been mesmerised by the glow of television and film since he was a kid. He always imagined himself on the screen one day, but never actually saw himself represented in Australia as a Pacific Islander or a man in LGBTQ+ community. Taking action into his own hands, he began collaborating with young filmmakers on short films and web series, hoping to tell stories that might otherwise go untold.


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