Henry Ng in the City




Henry Ng first caught my eye at an event we were both attending in the city. His eccentric yet refined and tailored look was a rare sight as the two rarely go hand and hand. I later learned that he was indeed a designer, with his own menswear label, Orri Henrisson. His philosophy on personal style is echoed in his designs; knowing how to have fun and make a point of difference without trying too hard. 

I got Henry to get his stair climbing on one afternoon in the city and talk about some of his looks.


I would say my style is a hybrid of sporty, preppy and luxury with elements of fun and relevance. Coming from a graphic design background rather than a fashion one has given me an eye to see sartorial differently. It is all about juxtaposition and contrast but finding a balance within that at the same time. 

1. This is me going to the supermarket. This oversized Henrik Vibskov bag makes a good grocery bag and I wanted some consistency in the outfit so I paired it with the shirt, which has a similar colourway. It is a print clash theme but one that has some kind of cohesion.

2. This is me doing one of my morning power walks. Not too sweaty, not too trendy, just enough self respect to want to look good with and without clothes and adding pops of colour to cheer up the gloomy day.

3. This is me after church. I love classic pieces with little twisted details such as the cutouts on the leather/suede mix on the desert boots, the side blinders on the lab-like glasses and the sans sleeves on the overcoat. I worked with a khaki tone to achieve a military theme, one which the elderly ladies at church strangely like. Maybe it is the teddy tattoo?

Fashion credits: 1. McQ Alexander McQueen shirt, Orri Henrisson trousers, Adidas shoes, Henrik Vibskov bag, ASOS belt, Linda Farrow glasses. 2. Mjolk shirt, Topman jumpsuit, Adidas shoes, Raf Simons sunglasses, ASOS belt, Hederus visor. 3. Orri Henrisson overcoat, Topman trousers, Neil Barrett shoes, Billykirk bag, Kris Van Assche glasses.