Nick Plows in Martin Place




Nick Plows first introduced himself while I was shooting during fashion week earlier this month. It was nice to speak to a fan of the blog and to hear his views on the menswear scene in Sydney and around the world. I was very impressed by his unique take on suiting up. He brings a modern and youthful touch to the classic navy suit, which we captured this weekend in Martin Place. The results above, his words below. 


My style is really traditional. I can’t explain where it came from or the inspiration for it because it is for me, what feels natural and what I feel expresses who I am the best. I really try to make sure I’m never just wearing a suit so I mix up shoes, ties, pocket squares, materials. There’s a lot of fun to be had, even with a navy suit.

1. I was once told that double breasted suits are for men of a certain stature and age. For the record, they’re not. This suit is my favourite. A rich blue, six buttons double breasted suit with peak lapels. I like to dress this one up (most of the time) and here I do with Jimmy Choo oxfords.

2. Once I got a little more confident in wearing a suit, playing around with material was a great way to keep things interesting. I honestly never thought I would wear a suit that wasn’t made of wool but then I wanted a suit I could beat up, throw around and give some personality. This cotton, linen blend gave me just that. However, it is a strange irony that after all the thought I put into buying this suit, my Nike Sneakers are still the most complimented item in my wardrobe. 

3. Every other man will tell you that every man needs a navy suit. It’s the staple of all staples. That being said - I love my navy suit. I had it made to measure so it will last a lifetime, but for now, I love wearing it with Superga sneakers.

Fashion credits: 1. Zimma Tailors sui misura double breasted six button suit, Zimma tailors green Prince of Wales check tie and Jimmy Choo Draycott shoes. 2. Zimma Tailors sui misura suit with Ralph Lauren polkadot pocket square, E.Tautz wool/silk blend tie and Superga sneakers. 3. Zimma Tailors cotton/linen blend suit with Zimma four-square pocket square Uniqlo lambs wool cardigan and Nike Free Run 5.0.